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PHP280-The Eu Patient Registry Landscape: Survey of Registry Profiles Through Parent Ja Research And Framework. Value in Health, 18(7), A562-A563

Pristas, I., Doupi, P., Karanikas, H., Brkic, M., Plese, B., Zaletel, M...


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Supporting Interoperable Eu Patient Registries: Survey of Registry Holders' Needs. Value in Health, 17(7), A446

Pristas, I., Doupi, P., Meglic, M., Karanikas, H., Zaletel, M., Brkic, M...


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PARENT joint action: increasing the added value of patient registries in a cross-border setting

Matic Meglic, Persephone Doupi, Ivan Pristas, Yannis Skalkidis, Metka Zaletel, Andrej Orel

1161 - 1161


Studies in Health Technology and Informatics

Volume 192: MEDINFO 2013


Patient registries are poorly interoperable and as a result data exchange or aggregation across organizations, regions and countries for secondary purposes (i.e. research and public health) is difficult to perform. PARENT Joint Action aims to provide EU Member States with a set of guidelines, recommendations and tools to support setting-up, management and governance of interoperable patient registries, thus helping EU Member States to drive down cost and interoperability risks of patient registries as well as improving secondary us-age of registry data in a cross-border setting.

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