Newsletter 6
May 2015


Presentation of the "Methodological Guidelines and Recommendations for Efficient and Rational Governance of Patient Registries"

On May 19th, PARENT presented in Brussels, the pre-final version of the "Methodological Guidelines and Recommendations for Efficient and Rational Governance of Patient Registries", to which a large number of European experts have contributed with their work and which will be available very soon.

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"Cross-border Patient Registries Initiative" Workshop
In the same event, after the presentation of the ‘Guidelines', a workshop was carried out with the aim of collecting feedback from the attendeesp on the work done so far by the PARENT work package 5. The team members focused their presentations on some of the most important topics, such as "Requirements for cross-border use of patient registries", "Interoperability", and "Quality of patient registries".
After the introductory presentations, a general discussion was carried out, from which important feedback was collected, besides a number of useful comments and suggestions that will help planning PARENT's further steps for the preparation of its final deliverables.

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PARENT JA Final Event in Valencia - October 2015
The PARENT JA results will be presented during our last and most important event, which will take place in Valencia in October 2015. It is planned as a two day event that will include a high level session with different European Health Ministries and European Commission representatives, a discussion panel with eminent experts and more.




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