PARENT Adding value to patient registries

A joint EU and Member States response to poor cross-border availability of health data for public health and research. PARENT brings added value by providing Member States with recommendations and tools for implementation of interoperable and cross-border enabled patient registries.

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Final PARENT Deliverables

We are pleased to make available the final deliverables of PARENT JA.

The eHealth Network on its 8th Meeting on 23 November 2015 in Brussels, (the minutes of the meeting available at by consensus endorsed the paper "Recommendations on patients' registries in particular on the use of knowledge gathered through the PARENT Joint Action" (the document is available at 



Cloud presentation of the Guidelines easily illustrates the main themes of the PARENT JA


Methodological Guidelines and Recommendations for Efficient and Rational Governance of Patient Registries

Wiki tool - internet searchable and editable Guidelines

Pilot Registry of Registries

Report on the role of registries and future actions

Report on the sustainability of cross-border collaboration on secondary use of registry data


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VALENCIA, 22-23 October, 2015


"Patient Registries in a Digital Europe"


The final event of the PARENT JA was held in Valencia on 22-23 October 2015, concluding formally a successful project with a long-term perspective.

The presentations from the event will be available in short, the materials are available. For reference see the event agenda.